Motion Design

It's always exciting to bring drawings, colors and sound to life by combining them into motion designs. I have enjoyed using After Effects for a long time and continue to create animations, sound designs and short films.

I was inspired to explore the use of groups of three in the art world and also other groups of three mentioned through time including Newton's Three Laws of Motion. Each Law was rewritten in Haiku form and the animation and video elements echo those themes throughout the piece. The sound design was created and edited by the artist as well.

Page Forward
This short film was one of my first motion design projects.

Three Birds
A short animation rotoscoped in Photoshop and composited in After Effects.

An animation modeled in Maya and composited in After Effects.

Flipbook Animation
A hand-drawn animation.

Motion Design Highlights
A reel highlighting some of my motion design work.

Exploring 3D layers in After Effects.

Green Screen footage composited in After Effects.

The Ranch
16mm Bolex footage at the family ranch, shot near Dillon, Montana.

A promotional motion design piece exploring the scientific technology at The Center for Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Montana.

Playground is a collaborative piece between one musician, Dr. Charles Nichols & two visual artists, Charles Raffety and Amber Bushnell. The concept is based on the exciting thought process shared by all children about their education.

Secondary Education
A promotional motion design for the College of Education at the University of Montana.

Elementary Education
A promotional motion design for the College of Education at the University of Montana.

The French Chef
A text to voice animation tribute to Julia Child.

When the Lady Sings
A fun-to-create animation made with Toon Boom and After Effects. Based on early cartoons and Looney Tunes.

Through the Looking Glass
A pop-up style animation piece with a little bit of magic inside.

A movie highlighting moments from the University of Montana's summer 2010 exchange program in Vienna, Austria. Originally presented at the Odyssey of the Stars.